Monday, November 19, 2012

Epic Failure 2

My second attempt at brewing a J.R.R. Tolkienish old world ale was as disastrous as the first attempt back in January 2011.  Both were named Northfarthing.  Both brews went well but both were a dismal disappointment at tasting.  Both had to be dumped down the drain.
The first one had a wild yeast infection and turned into thin tasting gushers.  This one I think went bad because of a bad batch of reused yeast.  As a result I've decided to not wash yeast anymore.  Washing yeast may save about $6 per batch but considering the increased chance of infection and how expensive (and disappointing) a ruined batch of beer is, I think it's not worth it.
Not that I'm superstitious but if I try again to make a Middle Earth ale I won't use the name "Northfarthing"!

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