Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Concordia Ale House


Valentine's Day at Concordia Ale House!

My good wife Cyndy and I had our Valentine dinner at the celebrated Concordia Ale House near our old alma mater Concordia University in Portland.  Tuesdays are celebrated here by offering $2 bottles of craft beers; a total of 22 kinds to choose from!

I tried Dick's Brown Ale and Pike Naughty Nellie.  Both were great! Dick's Brown was a classic mellow and smooth brown ale without noticeable hoppiness.  It had a great malty finish, slightly sweet at the back of the tongue.  Naughty Nellie, described as a "golden aritisan ale" was exactly that, golden -- a little fuller in mouthfeel than an American Ale but with a great noble hop aroma and flavor.
We'd never been to CAH. before but the food was good and the waitstaff friendly (she even let me keep the bottle).  The interior is a little spartan for dining but the bar with its 22 rotating taps is its biggest claim to fame.  Best of all, I didn't see any "fizzy yellow corn juice" listed!

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