Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Brew Day

Donny Abbott and I brewed a clone of Rogue's Shakespeare Stout on Saturday.  We used my brew-in-a-bag system with some new modifications which I'll cover in additional posts.
In spite of 3 boys to watch this was fun for us and was probably my smoothest and best "everything-worked-right" brew day.  A big thank you to Donny (and Jack) for the assistance and company!  Your interest and enthusiasm made my day.
This is a big beer calling for over 14 lbs. of grain for a 5 gallon batch.  And for the first time ever my original gravity came in higher than the recipe called out, at 1.074 !!

In brief, what I did differently this time:
  • Adjusted water chemistry
  • Insulated my brew kettle/keg
  • Used my new bucket and grate sparging method
  • Used DME to hit my pre-boil gravity
  • Aerated the wort with an aquarium pump

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